Menu Development

We are highly specialist and delighted to train you in the down mentioned categories:-

Hot Kitchen: Italian, Japanese, Continental, Oriental and Asian Food.

Cold Kitchen: Salad, Cold Meats, Sandwiches

Bakery: French Bread, German Bread, Potato Buns, Croissant, Biscuits, Bita Bread etc.

Pastry: All kind of Cakes, Desserts, Macarons, Soiree, Doughnuts, Mille-Feuille, Mousse Cake etc.

Chocolate:  Truffle Chocolate, Tablet Chocolate, and Colored Chocolate, Praline etc.

Pizza: Pure Italian Pizza with Unique flavor and aroma.Beverages: Cold Drinks, Hot Drinks, Soft Drinks, Lattes, Frappes, Fraddos.